You’re Never Alone is an organisation with the specific aim of supporting people with Depression and other mental health conditions.

Show your support and reduce the stigma for people who experience Depression and other mental health conditions by wearing a You’re Never Alone t-shirt. You will also be contributing to the not-for-profit Mental Health Organisation Beyond Blue, and Suicide Prevention Australia, By purchasing a uniquely designed T-shirt, you are helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.


By purchasing one of these products you will be helping Beyond Blue and Suicide prevention Australia support these organisations’ important work to encourage Australians to seek support for Depression and Anxiety.

Join us in wearing stylish T-shirts for both men and women (sizes to fit everyone, from XS to XXXL).

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Depression is a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. There’s no one proven way that people recover from depression, and it’s different for everyone. In addition, depression is often riddled with inaccurate and unfair stigmatisations such as; People with depression are weak. People with depression are making it all up. Depression doesn’t exist!’

Unfortunately, depression does exist, and it can affect anyone. According to Beyond Blue, there are currently 3 million Australians living with depression or anxiety. Even more shockingly, only 36 percent of these people access treatment for their condition, many of them unsure about where to go to get help.

Depression is the leading cause of non-fatal disability in Australia. Also, anyone can experience depression at any age – men, women, those who identify as LGBTI, Indigenous Australians, and new mothers.

PASSION – about the founder

Daniel Marrone, a father from Adelaide, was inspired to make a difference on a larger scale to this very important cause. He has encountered depression himself as well as with loved ones and this has given him a fire in his belly to actually make a real difference to the lives of those affected by a mental health condition.

Daniel is here to conquer depression with the help of those who are keen to join with him in making a small purchase. “I want people who are struck down with depression to be able to feel like they don’t need to hide anymore. I don’t want anyone to be ashamed about it anymore. It’s just like breaking your leg. Except that others can empathise because they see the cast on your leg.” Don’t be ashamed. Speak up and lean on them. YOU’RE NEVER ALONE.

Daniel has decided to put his support behind Beyond Blue & Suicide Prevention Australia by donating 50 percent of all profits. There are not many charities that just raise money for people who suffer from Depression, yet this help is so critical. Just like diabetes or cancer, depression can also result in a reduced quality of life and can lead to suicided.

Thankfully, like other health conditions, it can be treated to improve symptoms, but only if everyone feels comfortable reaching out for support in the first place.